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More Light's Live Journal

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More Light
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Hi, my name is Geoff and I'm a science fiction fan. My first interest was Star Wars and I'm old enough to say I saw it in the theatre in 1977 when it came out. I progressed to Buck Rogers in the 25th century, Battlestar Galactica, Space Above and Beyond and then came Farscape. This was the show that got me into music video watching, then forums and now vidding or creating music videos thanks to the help of avenuepotter.

I learned about livejournal from my friends at the Kansas forums (which are now closed but Terra Firma lives).

I enjoy most things that have to do with media. My first and foremost interest is in art or pencil sketching. A close second is music. I learned to play the violin and piano as a child and prior to college I learned to play the guitar.

Now I do music videos about my favorite Sci-Fi show and work various contract jobs doing anything from minor construction to automobile repair to web design/administration.

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